February 9, 2017

Adding luster to your paint, as well as removing swirls, scratches and scrapes is very rewarding, and can be accomplished with the right tools and products!

Polishers come in two basic types, rotary (pad only spins in one motion) or DA (pad spins and oscillates while spinning).  For a driveway detailer, and DA polisher can be a valuable, time saving tool.  More serious scratches and defects can be removed with a machine versus by hand, and it saves a ton of time!

Below are a few of the best polishers on the market - this can be an investment that will keep you car looking great for many years to come, so a good polisher is a must!


Many scratches and scrapes can be repaired with the proper products and techniques - here is a video of what can be accomplished with some light wet sanding and polishing.



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