What should you expect when hiring a detailer?

Although my passion for detailing is great, an even deeper passion I have is for helping others.  I am working on a guide that will help consumers understand the detailing industry, what separates one detailer from another, and what to expect when hiring a detailer or detailing company.  

One statement that almost always holds true is that you get what you pay for with most things.  I think this is very true with detailing.  I always try to be upfront with my clients about the package they are paying for and the results they will produce.  I try to be realistic with how long a job will take, and what the supply use will be, based on the size of the car.  

I am proud that we are a fully insured company, and need to factor in these costs, along with our supplies, gas, rent, and labor.  We strive to make our pricing fair to our clients, and to provide a professional experience in every way posslbe.  This is one of the biggest differences between detailers and detailing companies and their pricing.  

The Guide to Hiring a Detailer will contain even more information to help consumers choose the right service and company for their needs!




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