How does mobile auto detailing work?

How do we detail a car in a parking lot?  Don't we need a hose, bucket, power, water collection gear, and a tent?  The answer? No!  

We have specialized in Mobile Auto Detailing since we started, and there are may methods and products we use to make it possible to restore the shine to any vehicle, just about anywhere!

Our first trick is Optimum No Rinse Wash Solution.  With just 4 gallons of water and plenty of microfiber towels, we can wash a vehicle anywhere!  Best part - it is biodegradable, so we don't need to collect the runoff!

Next - how do we get power?  We use a generator!  We use a Ryobi Inverter Generator that is quiet, but that provides the power we need for our polishers, vacuum, and air compressor.

We have two service vehicles, the Chevy Astro van you'll see in the banner above, and a Chevy Colorado that we just put into service - and we can fit everything we need into the bed!  

We believe in efficency and effective tools and products - we tested many detailing tools, chemicals, towels, brushes, and systems over the years, and we will always continue to move our services to a higher standard.  If you would like your car detailed at your home, office, apartment, or at the shopping mall - give us a call!





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